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Why place matters. Understanding VET/FE graduates’ career choices.

The gap in the economic fortunes between regions within many EU member states has been growing. The latest European Jobs Monitor (Eurofound,2019) describes a landscape of growing inequality between EU regions.  Patterns of population and employment growth vary across regions within the same country. Capital city regions and more generally highly urbanised areas benefit disproportionately…
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Lessons in Tracking – A discussion with Professor Chris Warhurst

By Jordan Rehill (Education & Employers)  As Director of the Institute of Employment Research at the University of Warwick, Professor Chris Warhurst has published a number of studies and papers exploring labour market trends and issues. In relation to Tracktion, Chris has extensive experience designing, planning and implementing graduate tracking protocols in Higher Education (FutureTrack)…
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Baseline study released

We’re certainly pleased to announce the release of TRACKTION Baseline Study, The document provides a concise summary of the state of art of tracking and alumni initiatives in nine VET schools in four European countries (Estonia, Italy, Netherlands and Spain). Descriptions are supported by factual information on reasons, uses, methods and obstacles encountered. While the…
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Estonian vocational educational institutions alumni research report

In 2017, the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and Ernst & Young Baltic AS conducted a survey among the alumni of vocational educational institutions who graduated in 2015 and 2016. The goal was to compile an overview of alumni’s educational background, explore their activities after graduation and general success on the labor market, and…
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Mapping of VET graduate tracking measures in EU Member States

We’re glad to echo here the recent release of this timely study. This study had four specific objectives Objective 1: Mapping of VET graduate tracking measures used at system level accompanied by illustrative examples at provider level. Objective 2: Analysis of graduate VET tracking measures and development of their typology. Objective 3: Identification of strengths…
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Tracking Learners’ and Graduates’ Progression Paths (TRACKIT)

This study  has certainly influenced our decision to simultaneously look at graduate tracking and alumni culture.  The focus was on Higher Education institutions but most of its key insights remain valid to the field of VET. “The present study aims at providing an overview of the tracking initiatives of students and graduates in Europe. As…
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