TRACKTION showcased at EQAVET Forum 2018

We were invited to share our initial insights in the EQAVET Forum 2018 that took place in Vienna on 6-7 November during the Vocational Skills Week. The Forum put the focus on the concept of learner’s voice as part of quality assurance and  brought together more than 100 participants from 40 countries.  Our panel looked at graduate tracking and alumni relations as a natural continuation of student voice. To put it in other words, tracking and keeping in touch with former students is a great way to ensure learners’ voice continues to be heard after graduation. This valuable source of feedback can be used for building a strong quality culture in VET-schools.

We shared the panel with Koen Bois d’Enghien from the European Commission, DG EMPL and Alie Kamphuis, the National Reference Point for EQAVET in The Netherlands. After a short introduction to the main achievements of the project in its first year, we had the chance to explain in more detail the key insights of our recently released baseline study, the main features of the new graduate tracking protocol and the prospects and expectations from one of our partner schools, Alfacollege.

The Q&A session that followed reflected the timeliness of the topic across Europe and beyond. The exchange of ideas was greatly facilitated by the moderators of the panel and the questions from the audience were shown on screen in real time with the help of Slido. As you can see in the picture above compliance with GDPR, tracking methods and finding the balance between collecting data and having an active dialogue with alumni  were some of the topics discussed.  The teachers have a very important role in maintaining the relationship with alumni and using the data they get from their alumni to improve their VET-programs. The conversation was  visually summarised by a local artist. You can see it on the right hand side of the picture below.

We left the wonderful city of Vienna feeling grateful for the opportunity EQAVET gave us to showcase our work in progress and contribute to the ongoing conversation that’s certainly taking centre stage in Europe. There are exciting times ahead for TRACKTION project and we will look forward to sharing it with you. Our brand new graduate tracking protocol is ready and it will be put to test in our three partner VET Schools in January 2019.  Stay tuned for more details.

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