The Global Training 2019 – Scholarships for internships abroad an example of why alumni should keep in touch with their training institutions in the Basque Country

The Global Training is a support program intended for young Basque graduates (University and Higher Vocational Education and Training) and provides the opportunity to carry out paid internships abroad during a stay of between 6 and 12 months.

This year 2019, AFM (The Spanish Association of Machine Tool Industries) and Ikaslan (The Association of Basque Public VET Centres) are offering 60 Global Training scholarships only for VET graduates.

The Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government promotes these scholarships in order to facilitate the acquisition of skills by young Basque graduates through internships in foreign companies and organizations.

The Global Training program connects with the industrial development strategies of the Basque Government and aims to promote the hands-on training of Basque graduates abroad and improve the international positioning of the Basque companies.

This is an example of collaboration among institutions, training centres, alumni, and the industrial tissue:

  • The Department of Economic Development, which promotes the scholarships since 2012, launches the calls annually.
  • AFM and Ikaslan collaborate in the program, coordinating a number of the total scholarships.
  • The graduates sign the contract, do the required initial course and realize the internships abroad.

AFM and Ikaslan do the selection of graduates according to the established criteria. They also disseminate the program, look for places for the internships and monitor the alumni.

At the end of the internship periods, Ikaslan checks the situation of the graduates at least a couple of times.

This program provides a lot of benefits to stakeholders of the regional training system:

  • Improving the relations between companies and training centres.
  • Raising the knowledge of foreign languages and the acquisition of technical and transversal skills.
  • Increasing the employability of the graduates.

From the perspective of Tracktion Project, this Global Training programme can be considered a good practice for several reasons:

  • It represents a type of services which can be offered to alumni after their regular training period.
  • It is an example of why the tracking of alumni should be reinforced, making alumni aware of the potential benefits for them when keeping connected with their training institutions.
  • It contributes to increase the number of Work Based Learning hours before entering the job bank or finding an employment.
  • Promotes the Lifelong Learning concept, offering opportunities for upskilling at an early stage after leaving the school.
  • Reinforce the idea of mobility for students and workers.
  • Creates a flow of knowledge among institutions, training centres, businesses, workers and graduates.

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