Tracking soon-to-be graduates: So, what’s the point?

There are a plethora of different surveys and instruments that focus on discovering the route followed by graduates once they set sail from our VET schools. The list of questions asked across these studies is endless, but the main focus is almost always employability. Have they got a job x months after graduation? Is this…
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First piloting phase just started!

  These are exciting times for TRACKTION project. During the next three weeks, we will collect destinations’ data from three hundred VET graduates at Alfa Collegue (NL), Cometa Formazione (IT) and PKHK (EE). Students taking part in the first pilot will be surveyed 6 and 18 months after graduation.  This survey will allow graduates to…
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TRACKTION showcased at EQAVET Forum 2018

We were invited to share our initial insights in the EQAVET Forum 2018 that took place in Vienna on 6-7 November during the Vocational Skills Week. The Forum put the focus on the concept of learner’s voice as part of quality assurance and  brought together more than 100 participants from 40 countries.  Our panel looked at…
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Baseline study released

We’re certainly pleased to announce the release of TRACKTION Baseline Study, The document provides a concise summary of the state of art of tracking and alumni initiatives in nine VET schools in four European countries (Estonia, Italy, Netherlands and Spain). Descriptions are supported by factual information on reasons, uses, methods and obstacles encountered. While the…
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Tracktion Newsletter vol. 3

We’re delighted to announce the release of our third newsletter. Check it out here: Tracktion Newsletter No. 3 [English]

Interview with Rozemarijn van Toly (CINOP)

We were really glad to have Rozemarijn van Toly (CINOP) onboard for our third project meeting in Groningen, Netherlands (September 2018). After her thorough presentation, we felt we should have interview with her about the execution of the EQAVET program on the national level in Netherlands and how is used the student and alumni data…
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Meeting of Asturias Local Action Group in Valnalon

Asturias Local Action Group got together again in Valnalon premises on the 2nd of October 2018. The meeting was attended by representatives from 4 VET Schools, Teacher Training Centres and  Regional Dept for Education.  Participants were shortly introduced to the latest project developments and next steps with a detailed explanation of the piloting phase. Next…
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Next stop: Groningen

Out next project meeting is organised and will take place next week on the 25-26th of September. All our partners are heading for meeting to Groningen, Netherlands which for our host, Alfa-College, has prepared a succinct agenda. Day 1 will focus on discussing the final version of Baseline survey. The day after we will discuss…
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Alumni relations at Armeria Eskola VET School (Eibar, ES)

Alumni relations is a longstanding tradition at this VET School located in the Basque Country.  Last June we drove there to have a nice conversation with Leire Illarramendi, the person in charge of the Alumni Association. Good morning, Leire. Association of Armeria Eskola has been around for years, but when did it start to work…
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Tracktion Newsletter vol. 2

We’re delighted to announce the release of our second newsletter. Check it out here: Tracktion Newsletter 2 [English]


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