Building and Sustaining Successful Alumni Relations in VET Schools: How-to-Guide

The guide is meant to support a collective reflection on this timely topic for VET schools. It is not only an opportunity to take stock of existing practice but also to explore possible ways forward to increase the coherence of existing alumni actions.

The guide is structured as follows:

The journey starts with the section, “Why engage with alumni?”. By looking at literature on alumni engagement, we discuss the institutional, professional and personal advantages for VET schools, alumni and current students.

Next section formulates a basic question: “Who are our alumni?” One of the first and foremost tasks for a VET institution is to consider which type(s) of alumni are currently engaged or should be engaged. Graduation is certainly a narrow criteria to define alumni. As soon as you start considering other types of academic relationships your alumni base will be considerably expanded.

Section 3, “Key strategic goals” summarises the building blocks of a sound whole-school strategy for alumni engagement. Each theme is discussed individually in separate sections

In Section 4, “Connecting the dots”,  we discuss ways to integrate alumni engagement in the school strategy and consider implications for quality assurance.

Section 5, “Alumni Engagement Themes”, represents some typical scenarios of alumni engagement based in the alumni services delivered by Tracktion partners. User journeys will help the reader work out how alumni ,students and staff interact with the service and what’s expected from them in each phase.

Topics covered in each section are illustrated with school-based examples and basic tasks to take stock of existing practice and plan future actions.

Sections end with a summary of main learning takeways for VET school leaders and teachers.


The guide is freely available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Estonian.  Check them out in the Outputs section of our website.


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