Interview with Maartje Molema (Education and Quality Assurance advisor at Alfa-college)

Interview with Maartje Molema (Education and Quality Assurance advisor at Alfa-college) Hello, can you introduce yourself and your organization briefly? My name is Maartje Molema. I have been working for Alfa-college since 2010 as an Education and Quality Assurance advisor. Alfa-college has eleven locations spread across the North-east of the Netherlands, around 13,000 students, over…
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Tracktion Newsletter vol. 4

We’re delighted to announce the release of our fourth newsletter. Check it out here: Tracktion Newsletter vol. 4

Lessons in Tracking – A discussion with Professor Chris Warhurst

By Jordan Rehill (Education & Employers)  As Director of the Institute of Employment Research at the University of Warwick, Professor Chris Warhurst has published a number of studies and papers exploring labour market trends and issues. In relation to Tracktion, Chris has extensive experience designing, planning and implementing graduate tracking protocols in Higher Education (FutureTrack)…
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Growth mindset education in VET: Cometa’s work-based guidance model

By Rachele Ropelato Cometa Formazione has consolidated a structured practice of Work-based Guidance (WBG) aimed at encouraging the employment of their students and alumni through the acquisition of a greater awareness of themselves and the world of work.   Nowadays, the world of work poses enormous challenges to the world of education. A world in…
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Following in the steps of self-employed VET graduates

Generally speaking, starting up a company or freelancing is not a well-trodden path into work for most VET graduates. In this post, we would like to give you a flavour of the profile, expectations and motivations of self-employed VET graduates in Asturias. This tiny region in the northwest of Spain has an extensive network of…
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Interview with Erik Tammeleht (alumni from Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskus)

Erik Tammeleht had a dream of  becoming a professional chef, from a very young age. A very talented young man, he quickly realised that studying at the VET school would help him fulfill his dreams. We recently caught up with him and despite his very busy schedule, he took time out to speak with us…
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A VET School perspective: Cometa Formazione (Italy)

By: Mattia Fasana (Cometa Formazione) A school with a strong mission Among the partners of the Tracktion project is Cometa Formazione, a VET school founded in 2003 in Lake Como, continuing the experience of two families who, for some years already, fostered children in their homes. The growth of the children has led to the…
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Next stop: London

We’re heading to London. Our hosts, Education & Employers, will be presenting the results of 1st round of pilots (post-graduation) and we will be discussing how to improve data collection process and analysis.   As already announced some weeks ago in a previous post , we’re now busy getting things ready for the pre-graduation survey.  A…
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Tracking soon-to-be graduates: So, what’s the point?

There are a plethora of different surveys and instruments that focus on discovering the route followed by graduates once they set sail from our VET schools. The list of questions asked across these studies is endless, but the main focus is almost always employability. Have they got a job x months after graduation? Is this…
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First piloting phase just started!

  These are exciting times for TRACKTION project. During the next three weeks, we will collect destinations’ data from three hundred VET graduates at Alfa Collegue (NL), Cometa Formazione (IT) and PKHK (EE). Students taking part in the first pilot will be surveyed 6 and 18 months after graduation.  This survey will allow graduates to…
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