Rianne Scholtens, 2D-3D Animation VET teacher

Rianne Scholten (29 years old) obtained an EQF Level 4 Game Artist and Software Developer in 2012 at Alfa-college, Groningen, Netherlands and
level 6 at the University of applied sciences.
Currently she is working as a teacher at the same VET school she graduated. 

Could you briefly describe your current position?

I am working as a teacher at the department of Furniture and interior design at a VET school in Groningen. The funny thing is that I started as a VET student at the same school.

How did you get there? 

After I graduated in Alfa-college I went to the university of applied sciences for communication and multimedia design. In the time I passed the exams, a teacher in my former school asked me to deliver some guest lectures. At the same time I started my own company, PixelManiac. When the director of the VET school asked me to stay as a teacher, I reduced activity at my company. The reason? I had to go back to the university for my teaching qualification. I passed the exam succesfully in 2018.

Looking back, what’s the most valuable aspect of your VET School experience?

I really liked the combination of study and practical work. I learned in that time a lot about the job and also about my own professional development.

Would you recommend your VET school to others? Why?

Yes, it was a good basis for my next study and job. There are a lot of possibilities at our school to develop yourself. There are lessons for entrepreneurship, knowledge ands skills and personal development.

Do you (or would you like to) stay in touch with your former VET School? How? Why?

Yes, to stay informed about new developments and meet old students and teachers. I know now that having a professional network can be important for job opportunities.

Any rolemodels in your professional sector? 

There is no role model for me.

What would be the next step in your professional career?

I want to be a better teacher. I am just a starter, I am sometimes just a few years older than the students, so it is important to improve my didactical and pedagogical skills.


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