Alessandro Candia, Catering Logistics Manager

Alessandro Candia (22 years old) graduated in 2016. He obtained a Level 5 Diploma (EQF Level 5)  in Hospitality & Catering at Cometa Formazione, Como, Italy.  Currently he works as a Logistic Manager at Bottega del Gusto, the Catering Service of Contrada degli Artigiani

Could you briefly describe your current position?

I’m managing the logistics and the warehouse of the catering service of Contrada degli Artigiani. Furthermore I’m responsible for human resources for catering services. I deal with the management of events.

How did you get there? 

I started to work for Contrada degli Artigiani immediately after graduating. Contrada degli Artigiani is part of the Cometa network. In the beginning I worked mostly in Cometa’s didactical bar, supporting the teacher during rush hours. After a while I started working for the catering service. Firstly, I was directly involved as a waiter, then i started collaborating in the organisation of events.

Looking back, what’s the most valuable aspect of your VET School experience?

Before enrolling in Cometa, I went to other schools where I had to learn for the future. In Cometa, teachers and tutors helped me to understand the meaning of learning. I did not have to learn for the far future but already for the present. The slogan “not moralism but realism” reflects it well.

Would you recommend your VET school to others? Why?

Yes, absolutely. Cometa changed my life helping me understand the meaning of learning. In Cometa you don’t only learn a profession but also general culture and knowledge (history, art, …). Usually these subjects are not tought in VET schools. It helps to prepare not only for professional life but also for personal life.

Do you (or would you like to) stay in touch with your former VET School? How? Why?

Yes, I’m still in touch with my former VET school because I’m working there. I suggest other alumni to keep in touch with Cometa, mostly because of the Job & Placement office: it helps former students to prepare for internships, design CVs, find a job. In addition, Cometa never gives up on you. The personal relationship between teachers and students is very important and almost impossible to find in other schools.

Who inspires you?

In Cometa, I’ve got three role models.
1. Erasmo, the founder of Cometa. He was able to realize Cometa and all its services. Erasmo puts so much passion and beauty in anything he does.
2. Paolo, he was the first person I’ve met in Cometa. In that time, I just dropped out of school and Paolo accompanied me to a job interview, telling the employer that I was able to do everything. He was the first person who really believed in me. Thanks to Paolo I am where I am now.
3. Antonella, coordinator of the tutors in Cometa. She supported me on a personal level, helping me to learn what is happiness. She never gives up on me.

What would be the next step in your professional career?

I would like to reinforce my professional competences in the field I’m working in. One day I want to be the Manager of the whole catering service.


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