Sandra Lillepa, Spa Administrator

Sandra Lillepa (23 years old) obtained an EQF Level 4 Certificate in Hospitality Service in 2015 at Pärnumaa Vocational Education Center, Pärnu, Estonia. Four years after graduation she works as Spa administrator in Vila Vita SPA by Sisley, Portugal

Could you briefly describe your current position?

Currently I live and work in Portugal. I work as an administrator at a 5* brand new and recognized spa hotel.

How did you get there? 

After graduating VET school I continued my educational path at  Tartu Ülikool Pärnu Kolledž. During my studies in VET school and University I did my practical experience at Turkey, Spain and Portugal thanks to the Erasmus+ opportunity.  Through these inspiring mobility experiences I decided to live and work in Portugal.

Looking back, what’s the most valuable aspect of your VET School experience?

Most valuable lesson was the practice. Through practice I was able to use all the knowledge that I learned in the school. It was the best way to assure theory and create an incredible opportunities for the future while being connected with the companies where my internships were held.

Would you recommend your VET school to others? Why?

Yes, Pärnumaa Vocational Education Center is a modern and well functioning school with competent lecturers and a pleasant atmosphere.

Do you (or would you like to) stay in touch with your former VET School? How? Why?

Yes, it is always interesting to know what kind of events are taking place in the school. Particularly I would be interested to know when the new curriculums or courses are being added.

What would be the next step in your professional career?

In the future I would like to professionally develop myself in some other field than tourism.


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