Arvo Ehrstein Flight Attendant

Arvo Ehrstein (24 years old) obtained an EQF Level 4 Certificate in Shop Assistant in 2017 at
Pärnumaa Vocational Education Center, Pärnu, Estonia.Two years after graduation he works as a Flight Attendant
in Regional Jet (subsidairy of Nordica) and continues his studies in Tallinna Tööstushariduskeskus as a Sales Organizer, EQF level 5. 

Could you briefly describe your current position?

At the moment I am studying and working at the same time. I work as flight attendant at Regional Jet. I am also continuing my previous studies in the trade field as a sales organizer at Tallinna Tööstushariduskeskus.

How did you get there? 

I am where I am right now through my own personal activity and studying. I had a lot of support from my previous school and I also had quite a big change in my personal life that boosted my self esteem.

I ended up as flight attendant via Pärnu job fair where Norweigan offered a flight attendant position. From there I had a bigger interest for that profession and I explored if Nordica (now Reginal Jet) offered the same position and it did. I applied for that position and here I am now.

Looking back, what’s the most valuable aspect of your VET School experience?

Looking back to my studies I think that the most valuable aspect I got was negotiation skills. I understood that fully when I started working and also took part in the student council as I always needed to negotiate with the teachers about not participating in the classes and doing my homework later. Also I needed to negotiate with the partners.

Would you recommend your VET school to others? Why?

Definitely, it’s one of the best schools I have seen. Very friendly teachers, student-friendly environment and the ability to combine the working and school life.

Do you (or would you like to) stay in touch with your former VET School? How? Why?

Yes I would like to and I have been in touch. Since I was president of the student council quite many years, the school has remained in my heart. Even now I still help the council from time to time with my advice. Also I have been delivering guest lectures on the theme of motivation and career development in the school.

Any role models in your professional sector?

To be honest I think everybody can teach you something and  that is how I grow.

What would be the next step in your professional career?

Future is quite relative concept. In the near future my plan is to continue growing profesionally and I’m also planning to invest in real estate. Further down the line I plan to continue working in the flying industry and start studying at the University.


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