Month: August 2020

The TRACKTION learning journey for Alfa College

Alumni are not tools to gather data, they are important stakeholders of our organization and they will be even more important in the future than they are now.  Author: Tim van der Ploeg (Alfa College) Initial expectations Alumni in VET are a hot topic in the Netherlands, since we have to measure ‘follow-up success’ of…
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The TRACKTION learning journey for Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskus

We now better understand and appreciate the value of strong alumni relations in our school. Authors: Karmen Torin & Thea Tammeleht (Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskus) Preview When we started this project in 2017 the alumni culture at the Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre was relatively ad hoc and unstructured. There wasn’t a specific team that dealt with alumni…
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Project contribution to the field of graduate tracking in the VET sector

We have recently released a report that summarises the project contribution to the field of graduate tracking in the VET sector. The document describes in detail our tracking protocol that allows tracing a diverse range of school-to-work transitions (employment, self-employment, further studies). it also includes practical tips and guidelines to set up a graduate tracking…
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Building and Sustaining Successful Alumni Relations in VET Schools: How-to-Guide

The guide is meant to support a collective reflection on this timely topic for VET schools. It is not only an opportunity to take stock of existing practice but also to explore possible ways forward to increase the coherence of existing alumni actions. The guide is structured as follows: The journey starts with the section,…
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The TRACKTION learning journey for Cometa Formazione

The project helped our organization to better understand the impact of our study programmes. Author: Laureen de Palma (Cometa Formazione) Next in the “TRACKTION learning journey” series is our italian partner,  COMETA FORMAZIONE.  Laureen de Palma recaps  on the work undertaken, main achievements,challenges and future plans for TRACKTION in this amazing VET school. Tips on…
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The TRACKTION learning journey for Valnalón

We created a visual summary of the main results that was shared via e-mail with students and graduates that took part in the surveys. Authors: Iván Diego & Mar Romero (Valnalón) TRACKTION is officially coming to an end at the end of August after three years of exciting and hard work. Valnalon, our project coordinator,…
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