Month: March 2018

Mapping of VET graduate tracking measures in EU Member States

We’re glad to echo here the recent release of this timely study. This study had four specific objectives Objective 1: Mapping of VET graduate tracking measures used at system level accompanied by illustrative examples at provider level. Objective 2: Analysis of graduate VET tracking measures and development of their typology. Objective 3: Identification of strengths…
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Tracktion Newsletter vol. 1

We’re delighted to announce the release of our first newsletter. This volume summarises all the action that’s been taking place since the project kick-off in January. 

Tracking Learners’ and Graduates’ Progression Paths (TRACKIT)

This study  has certainly influenced our decision to simultaneously look at graduate tracking and alumni culture.  The focus was on Higher Education institutions but most of its key insights remain valid to the field of VET. “The present study aims at providing an overview of the tracking initiatives of students and graduates in Europe. As…
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